Kesu Wang

ID: Hierex — A Hiking Prosthetic Leg



Hierex is a hiking prosthetic leg for below-knee amputees.

It applies a water cooling system that reduces sweating, prevent the prosthetic leg from slipping off the limb, allowing the user to hike for a longer distance.

The prosthetic foot on Hierex provides better shock absorption than hiking shoes. The sole enhances stability and the entire base replaces the hiking boot. Hierex ensures amputee hikers' safety while they are enjoying the nature.


Below-knee Amputee Hikers Are Facing Two Main Problems

Foot Limitation During Hiking

Amputee hikers have a difficult time with uneven terrain on the trail—causing pressure up to the limb and creating pain. An adjustment has to be made to the prosthetic foot when wearing their hiking shoes because shoes have different heel heights.

Excessive Sweat By Using Their Own Prosthetic Leg

Hiking creates sweat, especially for the below-knee amputee hiker whose limb is enclosed in a silicon liner and a carbon fiber socket. Heat and moisture build up when he hikes. The sweat makes the prosthetic leg slipping off from the limb, which is dangerous for the amputee hiker.


The water cooling system is built inside the prosthetic leg, 
which cools the limbs to decrease the temperature of the lower limb.


To not only solve the problem, I wanted to explore the aesthetics as well, 
add a humanistic touch to the prosthesis, allowing the user to feel empowered and confident.

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